Welcome to Pārijāta Press, my personal blog of reflections on the dharma and the path of awakening. I intend to post here, with mellow to medium frequency, about dharma topics and contemplations that have been sources of curiosity, inspiration, and benefit for me. The relationship between music and the path to awakening is a particular area of interest that may surface from time to time as well.

Without a doubt, whatever topics I write about will be heavily influenced by the talks and writings of my own teacher, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, who I would especially like to thank for patiently encouraging me to write more. Bows of gratitude as well to my dharma siblings at Nalandabodhi for all their efforts contributing to the evolution of 21st century dharma.

Feel free to find out more about me here and here. I’ll also be guest-posting on alternating Thursdays at the Interdependence Project’s website, so, on the off chance that you haven’t yet, be sure to check our their great site too. There are sign-ups for email notifications and RSS feeds below, and you can stay up-to-date about all my writing, and select teaching activities at Nalandabodhi and elsewhere, at my Twitter and Facebook pages.

You might be curious about why my blog was named Pārijāta Press; some clarification can be found here.

Your feedback is welcome; feel free to leave comments on posts as you are inclined. To contact me directly, you can use this form. Due to the limited amount of time I can devote to this website, I may not always be able to actively participate in comment threads or respond to all comments.

May the reflections shared here be useful and enjoyable in some beneficial ways to you! I’m excited to get to work. Thanks so much for visiting.

“Parijata Flowers,” photo by Ferdousi Begum.