My post for this Thursday morning is up at the Interdependence Project’s blog (I’ll be guest posting there every second Thursday). The title of the post is “Renunciation Doesn’t (Mainly) Mean Renouncing.”

Here’s an excerpt:

In English-language dharma teachings, we often encounter the key term, “renunciation.” Renunciation, we sometimes hear, is the indispensable foundation of our path of awakening, the quality without which no genuine progress can be made. It’s often described as the starting point, where the rubber really hits the road.

But if the principle or attitude that this word points to is so crucially important, have we been using the right word to talk about it? For some time now, many teachers and translators have expressed concerns that the way we speak about “renunciation” in English might not always be leaving students with the impression that was originally intended by the Buddhist teachings.

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