Pārijāta, roughly translated as “all-encompassing” or “all-gathering,” is the name of a type of wish-fulfilling tree depicted in the classical Indian cosmology that was drawn upon by Vajrayana Buddhism. In his Way of the Bodhisattva, the great Indian master, Śāntideva, makes the aspiration to become like a wish-fulfilling tree for all beings, fulfilling their truest needs and aims. By naming this blog Pārijāta Press, the author pays homage to the heart of bodhicitta, the wish to awaken completely for the benefit of oneself and others. The image of loving-kindness as symbolized by a tree also felt appropriate in this era of heightened need of care for the world. May the reflections shared at this website contribute to the aim of nurturing further sanity, compassion, and wisdom in the world, working from the roots up.